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crazytrulybitch: Hey stranger! Thank you for following me back. Hope you are having a great day/night?

You’re welcome!) I didn’t sleep well because of this sweater thing, but it was worth it;) hope you’re having a good day/night too! xo

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Work has been crazy but i needed to do this. OUAT Season 4 Premiere: A summary.

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"We could be twinsies!"

Lana Parrilla to Jennifer Morrison
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I did a thing that had to be done for, y’know, science. For reasons.
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kamilla3030: Hi! Are you Russian? :)

Hi! Yes, I am ;)

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The central theme is “never give up on the people you love.”
Emma to Regina: I won’t stop until I bring you your happy ending.

Ladies and gentlemen, THAT’S LOVE.